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According to Torah law, a marriage consists of two distinct steps. First comes the kiddushin ("consecration," also called eirusin, "betrothal" [19] ): the groom gives the bride something of value (by common practice, a ring), in return for which the bride consecrates herself to him, with the effect that "she becomes forbidden to the.

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A wonderful story is told about a student from Yeshivas Ner Yisroel in Baltimore, by the name of Shaya Goldberg, who became engaged and excitedly rushed to his rosh yeshivah, Rav Yaakov Yitzchok Ruderman zt"l to ask him to be mesader kiddushin (to officiate at the wedding ceremony). Rav Ruderman wished the boy a hearty mazal tov and then.

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Clearly, the Rabbis established the ceremony of Kiddushin with money after the combination of the Farreum and Coemptio, which included witnesses, a minyan (quarum of 10 men), and a statement made by the husband, הרי את מקודשת לי, “You are betrothed to me,” after which he fictitiously purchased the bride with the money or an.

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The Kiddushin ceremony is rooted in a model of acquisition and for us this did not model the egalitarian ideology by which we live our lives. During a traditional Kiddushin ceremony a man hands an object of value to a woman thereby acquiring a wife. According to the Talmud, there are three ways to betroth a woman: a money transaction where the. Excerpted with permission from Celebration and Renewal: Rites of Passage in Judaism edited by Rela Mintz Geffen (Jewish Publication Society).. The Jewish wedding ceremony comprises two major sections: erusin (betrothal) and nissuin (marriage). When the bride and groom have reached the huppah [marriage canopy], the erusin ceremony begins. It is a simple ceremony, marked by.

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The Blessings Of Betrothal Known As Kiddushin. Kiddushin is the ceremony under a chuppah, and in this part of the wedding ceremony, two glasses of wine are used. The first cup is served in conjunction with the rabbi's betrothal blessings, and both the bride and groom drink from it following the blessings.

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Betrothal, or kiddushin, is usually a 12-month engagement period before a wedding. Traditionally, a ceremony would be held a year before the wedding to mark the betrothal. Kiddushin. The kiddushin (betrothal ceremony), or the first part of the Jewish wedding ceremony, takes place under the huppah. It begins with greetings, a blessing over the wine, and a sip taken by the bride and groom. Next come the rings: The groom recites an ancient Aramaic phrase as he places the wedding band on his bride's right index.

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These won’t be “kiddushinceremonies, but similar to the brit shutafin (covenantal partnership) ceremonies the visionary Rabbi Steven Greenberg, founder of Eshel, has been performing for years.

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Kiddushin-based ceremonies, with their intrinsically hierarchical nature, are less suited to such marriages. The Masorti rabbis in the UK are currently proposing that shutafut rather than Kiddushin is adopted as the legal halachic basis for allowing gay marriages to take place under the auspices of our synagogues in the UK. Whereas Kiddushin.

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